A small selection of Reviews, Recommendations and Guest Comments from our travels.

MARCH 2013 . End Of Contract Evaluation

Overall evaluation:- EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS

"Teresa uses her personality to great effect to connect with her audience and compliment her husband Trevor. This combined with her diverse knowledge and repertoire helps to ensure great results on stage. As always, it was a great pleasure to work with Teresa again. Timeline duo are one of the best around. Trevor is a very experienced performer. He has a large and diverse repertoire to call upon. His personality shines through and helps him connect extremely well with the audience. It was great to work with Trevor again. Timeline duo have been an asset to this ship"

JAN 2013

"We had such a great time on our NCL cruise with you. It was several years ago now but we still listen to your CD - especially great while we're driving - brings us right back! Hope we run into you at sea again some day - you were absolutely our favourite musical act we've ever seen while cruising. If you're ever going to sail with NCL again or any ship out of the US, it would be great if you'd let us know. We wish you continued success and happiness and beautiful music. "

Bob & Suzanne DiCicco.


" In the Lido Lounge, .Timeline Duo. had a wide ranging variety of material and appeared to be quite a hit with the late evening crowds. "



" Just a quick line to say thanks for the entertainment you provided on Bouddica in August, great music, great sound, really enjoyed your style which suited everyone and for us being able to get up and dance and have a really good time. Many Thanks. "


" The best Fred Olsen ship by far, the Lido lounge is my favourite part of it, be it Lloyd the entertainer or the Timeline Duo and the dance hosts - this ship was and still is excellent! "

Benjamin Denton-Cardew



" It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and I write to thank you for the many lovely songs & dance tunes you played for our enjoyment. What an honour to meet such a lovely couple and I shall remember you every time I play your CD. May I wish you both a wonderful and happy life, giving pleasure to others wherever you may travel. My love and best wishes, Pat. "


" We particularly enjoyed the "Looking Glass" Observatory bar with live music by Timeline Duo. "

www.cruisecritic.co.uk Scottishcat


" One of our favourite parts of the ship is the Lido lounge on Deck 7 where we would end up most nights listening to a Duo (called Timeline) and a piano player (called Alan) who would alternate during the evening. "

Deb Wilson.


" We also visited a few times one of the lesser entertainment venues aboard the ship, where there was a duo, a male/female couple, who sang and played the guitar. They had theme evenings, such as "The Carpenters" or "Abba" or "The 60s", and they were very good indeed! "



" 'We agreed that evenings would not have been the same..... Thanks for being the evening highlight of the cruise on Black Watch. "

Wright, Preston.

"We agreed that evenings would not have been the same..... Thanks for being the evening highlight of the cruise on Black Watch!"

Jim / South America Cruise / BLACKWATCH Jan-April 2011


"We have just returned home from the Iberian cruise on the Black Watch where you performed each night in the Lido. I saw your WEB site with the email address and thought I had to email to say a bit thanks for the wonderful music the two of you played each night. It is good to see that the old classics sound just as good today as they did when I first heard them, and hearing them live makes a big difference. Thanks again. "

Chris Sleightholme / BLACKWATCH / August 2011


"Timeline – (Duo Lido) – As always have done a great job up in the Lido. A lovely couple who are never any trouble, they are well liked by the guests and provide suitable music each night to suit the guest’s moods and style. The lounge has been a little quiet this cruise but when doing their Abba set in the Neptune at 8pm, they had a fantastic response with the dance floor packed and the lounge full, very much enjoyed!"



"This is my 3rd contract with Timeline, and as always it has been a pleasure. Trevor has years of experience working on both land and sea and this is demonstrated by his performance on stage. Trevor is both a strong singer and guitarist, and has a great presence on stage. Teresa has years of experience working on both land and at sea in various capacities and this is demonstrated by her performance on stage. Teresa has a strong voice and a great presence on stage. Timeline continuously receive Style Cards each and every week praising their ability to entertain and work an audience. Timeline are always willing to go further if required and I appreciate their help covering the Latitudes parties when the show band was required elsewhere. A great duo and also great personalities with a clear understanding of creating guest satisfaction and increasing revenue. Sorry to see you go and really hope we work together again on land. Best of Luck."

Recommended for future employment – Andrew Loveridge (Band Master)


"Trevor & Teresa were the highlight of our trip. They are extremely talented and personable. We made a point to listen to them every night. We hope to get the chance to see them again on future cruises, they were superb! "

Bruce and Melanie Upton


"What a pleasant experience. This delightful couple has a great rapour with their audience. Lovely voices and a wonderful sense of humour!"

Winston and Sharon Newman

"We loved hearing TIMELINE every night. They were awesome and very entertaining. We would actually base a cruise on them being there. Wish more people would have made it back to the Royal Fireworks to hear them"

Robert and Catherine Upton

"Excellent selection of music, great performers! Good personalities, we listened to them every evening, very enjoyable!"

Joe and Debby Palumbo

"We absolutely loved hearing TIMELINE playing all kinds of music. They played requests and banter with the audience in a very enjoyable fashion. They are the most talented music group playing music they entire audience enjoyed"

Luis and Judy Agosto

"They are both so friendly and down to earth. Their inter-action with the audience is suburb and they are so talented and accommodating to audience requests. We thoroughly enjoyed the week with them."

Ran Bransford

"Good music and humour!"

Ken Shih

"Great music, happy and friendly; I would pick a cruise to see them again."

William Souffort

"Royal Fireworks music and dancing with TIMELINE – they play excellent music and I like the British accent and humour."

Robert E Bradley

"Absolutely the best live music act afloat. They made our week on the Majesty a memorable one"

Jeff Wilson


End Of Contract Performance Evaluation – 16th August 2008 – Andy Loveridge.

"Timeline have had nothing but good comments guaranteed every cruise at least a few comment cards. This is my second contract with Timeline and they have yet again gone above and beyond the required standard required by the Dance Duo. They are flexible and have a huge repertoire. Both Trevor & Teresa are excellent musicians and both have years experience and technical ability which is demonstrated every night. It has yet again been a pleasure working with them and the department is going to sadly miss them. The best of luck for the future and I really hope we work together again. "

Recommended For Re-hire


TIMELINE Duo – Norwegian Cruise Lines S.T.Y.L.E. Comment Adward Cards –


"My wife & I enjoyed this Duo more than any other entertainers aboard. We hope to get them on other cruises."

Thomas Johnn – August 08

"Great mellow vocalists – made our cruise extra enjoyable."

Joe & Regina Collura- July 08

"The duet was very talented. Played a variety of music. Interacted with the audience! Returned every night they played!"

Anne & Tom Dodge - July 08

"Great group – made our trip a real pleasure!"

Jerry Padouane - July 08


"They were wonderful and they made our cruise. The music was great and they played requests."

Barbara Padouane – July 08

"Best music on the ship! You need to do a better job of promoting them..."

David & Helenita Mathias - May 2008

"These musicians offered excellent guitar and blending voices. they had an easy way of connecting with the audience, and pprovided an excellent variety of musical selection. We loved their interpretation of songs we knew, many additions that we didn't, and thank them for introducing us to Mcfly. Many, many thanks to Teresa & Trevor, and best to you always”

Phebe & Bob Cornell - May 2008


TIMELINE Duo - Made A Difference Customer Comment Cards – 2008 – Sea Princess , Princess Cruises.

"Timeline (Trevor & Teresa) - Excellent range and choice of music.”

Joan & Bill Fallows - Feb 2008

"TLovely Music and Very Personable – Ideal Music.”

Jennifer Anne Whittle - Feb 2008


August 2007 - October 2007 comments / reviews

"Timeline provided great entertainment for our clients within the Morvan Hotels of Jersey this summer. Based largely at our Best Western Royal Hotel their informal and friendly approach and their excellent vocal skills attracted guests back time after time. Well done and we wish them every success for the future."

Adrian Gordon, Operations Director of Morvan Hotels. October 2007


“I was staying at The Royal while on holiday in Jersey. The restaurant staff recommended that I spend the evening in the bar watching and listening to the Duo who were performing and I'm glad I did. Trevor and Teresa give an excellent performance as 'Timeline' and have a very diverse repertoire. I'm not sure there's not much Trevor can't play with his guitar skills and Teresa has a beautiful voice. They are both very friendly people and were a pleasure to listen to in the evenings (much better than sitting in front of the television). FIVE STAR! "

Rachel Denton - Guest at The Royal Hotel, Jersey. Summer 2007


“I was fortunate to be staying in a hotel in Jersey and walked into the bar to be greeted by a song from the mid 1960's which was instantly recognizable as the Searchers "Walk in the Room". Over the next seven or eight weeks I was thoroughly entertained by Trevor, an excellent guitarist and Teresa a superb singer.  They can play from the 50's all the way to the 00's and will cater for a wide audience. On top of all that, a very friendly couple fully recommended."

Arthur G. Everall, guest at The Royal Hotel, Jersey. Summer 2007


“Timeline are a well establish duo that perform to a very high standard. They have years of experience and a huge varied repertoire which is obvious from the reaction from the audience. Both Trevor and Teresa are true professionals both on and off stage! Very sad to see them leave the Wind but hope that I am lucky enough to work with them again."

Mr Andrew Loveridge, M/S Norwegian Wind Bandmaster. 2006/07


“I met Teresa and Trevor of the TimeLine Duo November 2006 on a Norwegian Cruise in Hawaii.  I discovered them the first day of the cruise, and never went anywhere else after that except to their bar.  They are FANTASTIC!  GREAT musicians and warm, friendly people!  I enjoyed getting to know them and every minute I spent listening to them!  In fact I liked them so much I planned a part of my European vacation so I could hear them in Jersey fall of 2007! "

Mary Jo Banks, Columbus GA and Key West FL. August 2007



TIMELINE (Lucky's Bar & Observatory Lounge)

Jan 03 2007 (End of contract Evaluation)

"A great duo, musically they are professional and willing to do what it takes to please a crowd, and personally they have always been willing to be flexible with performance times to fit in with other activities. We have had so many good comments from passengers; they will be a big loss to our department. I wish them well and hope that I will work with them again."

Andy Loveridge, Bandmaster / Denny Anderson, Cruise Director
Christian Deniel, Hotel Director.


Awarded the ‘’DAZZLING OUR GUESTS with S.T.Y.L.E. Certificate’’


‘’Great Effort Springs Naturally From Great Attitude’’

Great Job! TIMELINE Duo Musicians – Norwegian Wind


Wow! You really dazzled one of our guests. Thank you for your dedication to our product, our guests and the guiding principles of S.T.Y.L.E

NOV 2006 Bill Hamlin, Executive Vice President, Fleet Operations


“Dear Teresa and Trevor…we would like to tell you how much we enjoyed your shows on the ship. Each night listening to your music was a highlight.  We especially liked 'My old man's a dustman' and, of course, 'Silence is Golden'!  I've been scouring all the Sixties Compilation CD's for that one ever since! If you ever come to Queensland please look us up."



“I was a passenger on the Norwegian Wind for the cruise ending 7 October 2006. I must take this opportunity to pass on my feedback by saying how much I enjoyed the Cruise.  One of the highlights was listening and interacting with the Timeline Duo in the Observatory Lounge. They were very friendly, performed well and really enjoyable to listen and dance to."

Brendan P Barratt & Mary-Anne Culic, NORWEGIAN WIND PASSENGERS. OCTOBER 2006


TIMELINE (Crow’s Nest) MS AMSTERDAM JUNE 30th 2006 (Final Appraisal)


“It’s hard to find anything wrong with Timeline’s work. They are excellent musicians and very entertaining. They launch themselves into this work with enthusiasm and good humour. Charming and personable, they always get to know the ‘’regulars’’ who frequent their bar. They are always up for a challenge and new horizons. In short, they are an asset to any ship they are on and they will be missed"

James Higgins, Musical Director

MUSICANS – TIMELINE MAY 6th 2006 (Monthly Appraisal)

‘’Timeline has a wide and varied repertoire and is always willing to take audience requests. They are personable. They always add new repertoire.’’

James Higgins, Musical Director MS AMSTERDAM



Dance Band Recommended by “DANCING OVER THE SEVEN SEAS”

Mr Lenny Corbett, Dance Instructor, Dancing Over The Seven Seas, USA.


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